Pay Your Way Transportation Services LLC
Pay Your Way Transportation Services LLC.
 "A BETTER WAY TO RIDE, with affordable car servive near you!  Pre-Paid Monthly Car Service created for working class families like yours.  Call us today! Deals this good don't last forever.  678-694-7PAY! that's 678-694-7729  or toll free            1 877-95 Pay Now!   that's   1 877-957-2966  Visit us on facebook http://facebook.com/pages/Pay-Your-Way-Transportation-Services/422212004460  Pre-paid Monthly Service  How does it work?  To start your scheduled pickup service, email us at PayYourWayNow@yahoo.com, message must include: Full Legal Name, Service Start Date, Home Address, Work Address, and 4 Week Work Schedule. Once email is received, your information is verified and service eligibility is determined. Your monthly rate is then established and your invoice is emailed to you. Once you receive your online invoice, please review the payment details in full. If you agree and wish to start service, you must select link to pay via pay pal, using your pre-existing pay pal account or setup a new pal pal account. Payment must be in the full amount of total monthly rate of invoice, all major credit cards and debit cards accepted. Our services are pre paid, and due on a monthly bases. It is your responsiblity to pre pay for services each month, before your cycle ends. Allow 72hrs to process your payment. Once payment has posted, new service can be rescheduled. If you are a new customer please allow us 5 business days to setup your new account and car service. One months service includes 40 pre-scheduled pickups to and from work. Service is provided 24hrs/day, 5 days/week, for the purpose of getting to and from any place of employment safely and on time. 100% Customer Service Guarantee! Pre paid monthly Payments can be made with MoneyGram at a walmart near you! (call for special instructions to pay with MoneyGram)  We have an unbeatable deal for you! Pay only $200 /monthly. Thats only $4.97 /day one way. MAX DISTANCE FROM HOME TO WORK NOT TO EXCEED 3 miles  (12miles /day) 4 - 6 miles MAX = $300 /monthly from home to work place one way   (24miles /day) Round Trips 6-10 miles MAX = $375/ monthly from home to work place one way   (40miles /day) Round Trips 10-15miles MAX= $499/ monthly from home to work place one way   (60miles /day) Round Trips   STOP PAYING HIGH CAB FEES!  CONTROL YOUR BUDGET!  NO MORE CITY BUSSES!  TRY SOMETHING NEW!  SAVE TIME AND MONEY!  ALL VEHICLES ARE SIGN  FREE FOR ASSURED PRIVACY!   WITH CAR NOTES OF $400, INSURANCE OF $150, GAS BILLS OF $200-$400 TOTAL PRICE CAR OWNER PAY AVG  OF $800 +IN MONTHLY FEES NOT INCLUDING REPAIRS. SAVE BIG, AS MUCH AS $600 MONTHLY MORE THAN CAR OWNERS, RIDE SMART & SAVE BIG!! PAY YOUR WAY IS HERE FOR YOU. ACT FAST & PAY NOW! SPACES ARE LIMITED. NOTE: Effective 11/24/2012 we no longer accept cash at pickup! Drivers are no longer able to accept payments for monthly services. If you do not have access to the internet, visit your nearest MoneyGram center, in a walmart near you!
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