Bob Smith
Bio: Bob Smith has returned to Journalism after a career in Telecommunications. He is degreed in both Mass Communications and Computer Science, from St. Petersburg Junior College and Southern Polytechnic State University respectively.
Bob worked for over 15 years for Cisco Systems (formerly Scientific Atlanta) as a manager of Systems Test and Systems Integration.  He lives in Norcross with his wife and trusting guard cat. A local Actor and Director, Bob has worked with a number of local theatre companies, most frequently Lionheart Theatre Company in Norcross.  He also enjoys music, playing both guitar and harmonica, tennis and photography. Your Beliefs Politics  I am Liberal/progressive, very interested and tolerant of differing viewpoints.  I am a registered Democrat. Religion While I am an athiest (though raised Catholic), I recognize the value in a religious upbringing, respect the faith that people have, and appreciate the valuable things that religious organizations can do.
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