Soucie Has Passion for More Than Basketball

Youngest of four boys motivated by God

When you come from a family of four boys, you would think the youngest would pick up where the older boys left off and follow in their footsteps. But with Sawyer Soucie of Lawrenceville, he goes a different route. Although he plays and likes football like his older three brothers, Sawyer loves the basketball court. And though he likes video games, he'd rather be outside doing activities.

Soucie, who scored three points and grabbed nine rebounds in his team's quarterfinal win over Osborne this past Wednesday, plays post for Twin Rivers Bears, the feeder school for Mountain View. Soucie, who grew up in the Dacula school district until they changed the districts when the new school Mountain View opened. He also attended all his life and is a devout Christian.

"Sawyer got involved in basketball a few years ago and expressed an interest in it," explained Skip Soucie, Sawyer's father. "I sought out the eighth grade coach Phil Bollier and asked if I could get some coaching. Sawyer got some additional coaching. Being the youngest of four boys, he probably had to be a little more athletic but he does have some natural talent."

Soucie's team jumped out to a 23-8 halftime lead holding Osborne scoreless in the second period and withstood a fierce rally to win 35-30 and advance to the semifinals on Saturday. Although Soucie only had 3 points he had a free throw with 6.7 seconds left and grabbed his ninth rebound on the miss to run out the clock.  "Along with natural talent if you ask his coach, he works very hard," the older Soucie said. "He's a very focused and committed young man. I can't take credit for them being good boys, I have to give that credit to God."

Bollier echoed the sentiment. With 6:33 left in a tight game and the Hawks rallying to trail by four at 31-27. Bollier put Soucie back into the game. "He's a garbage man and works very hard at practice," Bollier said. "So he's earned that spot and he came through for us which is great. We work hard and our guys really care a lot about each other."

Soucie himself loves the sport and credits his parents, coach Bollier and of course God. "I like basketball because it's a little more fast paced," said Soucie. "I think the toughness that I got from my brothers helps me down low in the post."

Soucie says if he's not on the court he likes to go to church and do activities at North Metro. "I play in another league and that's a church league and that's just for fun," said Soucie. "I don't like video games as much. I'd rather be outside more and playing games." He did add that if he was left by himself stranded on a deserted island he'd love to have a goal, a ball and of course his Bible. "I'm going to try to play basketball as far as I can," said Soucie. "After that I want to be an entrepreneur." Soucie credits his parents and the way they raised the four boys for his demeanor. "We read proverbs every day," he said. "It's just how we live."

And for his efforts, Sawyer Soucie of Twin Rivers Middle School is our athlete of the week.


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