Active Boomers Make World Better Place

You may be a Boomer if...the 60s were good for you, and you are in favor of "Whirled Peas"...and BTW, hope you have an appetite for vegetable metaphors!

How can you tell when Baby Boomers have an agenda? They are active and moving!

You may be a Boomer if...the 60s were good for you, and you are in favor of "Whirled Peas." But, did you also know that when people are moving, healthy and active, they are generally happier, and the world is a better place to live? Did you know that all living things move (animal, vegetable, or mineral), and active, animated people are "full of life."

If you know these things...have you chosen to be one of the active, animated "PEA-ple," in favor of "Whirled Peas," or are you one of those less than active, deep fried "Couch Potatoes?" BTW, hope you have an appetite for vegetable metaphors!          

When we are moving, healthy and active, we can fulfill our life goals and acquire a greater sense of value. When it's time to work, we are more productive, and when it's time to play we have more fun. We are ready for action, and we are alert.  That's what the world needs anyway: more "Lerts." And surprise, surprise...we wind up being better company for our friends.   

If business and career are important for you, energy level helps make your goals more achievable. If family and community involvement are important to you, energy level helps make these relationships even more rewarding. If learning a new skill is important to you, then it's easier to maintain the focus necessary to conquer the challenges of today's many learning curves. If you want to be a better lover, or just play better ping pong, than you'll want energy to perform. OK, you pick.          

We believe that when you change the word "exercise" to the word "play" and when you surround yourself with "playmates," people you respect, you can lead by example and encourage others in the community to join the party...a healthy, active lifestyle. Synergy then develops, and the positive energy you radiate to the world will come back to rejuvenate you. What a deal, just try smiling at someone -- don't they usually smile back?

Boomer or not, what is your life's special agenda? Are you able to keep up with your passion? Is your flesh as willing as your spirit?

Positively yours, Sheri & Bill

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