Gwinnett School Enrollment Up

Chart shows fifth count attendance figures for Duluth and all other Gwinnett County Public Schools.

The latest headcount indicates 164,694 students are currently attending Gwinnett County Public Schools. This figure represents an increase of 5,937 students since the initial attendance count Aug. 7.

GCPS conducts five attendance counts starting with the second day of school. The fifth count is always done the day after Labor Day, which was Sept. 4 this year, and more accurately reflects school enrollment.

The 164,694 figure is the official enrollment for Gwinnett County Public Schools that will be reported to the Georgia Department of Education, according to Jorge Quintana, director of media relations for GCPS.

The school district is 2,059 students over the forecast of 162,635 students (+ 1.27%). Enrollment has grown 2,324 students (+1.43%) from the official 2011 count of 162,370, Quintana reported.

Here are the fifth count enrollment figures for Duluth Cluster schools:

Duluth High – Fifth Count 2,508 – Forecast 2,508 – Difference: 0

Duluth Middle – Fifth Count 2,026 – Forecast 1977 – Difference: 49

Berkeley Lake Elementary – Fifth Count 1,117 – Forecast 1,168 – Difference: -51

Chattahoochee Elementary – Fifth Count 1,185 – Forecast 1,074 – Difference: -18

Chesney Elementary – Fifth Count 1,117 – Forecast 1,074 – Difference: 43

B.B. Harris Elementary – Fifth Count 786 – Forecast 785 – Difference: 1

The chart accompanying this article contains the fifth count figures for all Gwinnett County Public Schools.



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