Ghost Out: Sobering Crash Reenactment at Norcross High

The message of this dramatic display was clear: Driving under the influence can change a kid's life in seconds.

Norcross High students gathered in the school's stadium this morning for Ghost Out, a dramatic reenactment of a car crash caused by a drunken student on his way to a senior party. The above video captures the demonstration, which is intended to show students know what can happen when cars and alcohol or drugs are combined. 

"There were 3,000 very different children in those bleachers," said Gina Parrish, head of the drama department, whose students put on the tear-jerking display with the help of the Norcross Police Department, the Gwinnett Fire Department and Crowell Brothers Funeral Home. "You could hear a pin drop," she said. 

Former Norcross Mayor Lillian Webb was in the audience of the graphic performance. She said she hopes the dramatic nature of the Ghost Out will get the students' attention. "So often what happens here becomes reality," she said. "Sometimes is has to be a stark reminder." 

Dist. 2 County Commissioner Lynette Howard was also there to show support. "I think this is the most incredible thing to show kids," she said. "You can't change it, you can't take it back." 

Theatre students Braian Rivera, Tyler Jundt, Rachel Hackett, Erika Miranda and Shaun MacLean also contributed to the performance. Norcross High alumna Christina Jundt returned to play the role of the victim's sister, a role she plays in real life. 

For Drama Booster President Bruce Hackett the performance hit very close to home. His daughter played one of the trapped victims in the crash. Seeing her and her friends act out the scene made it all the more real and disturbing. "It can happen just like that," he said. "We try to drum this in right from the beginning." 

Local emergency personnel and Ms. Parrish, the theatre instructor, said they were very happy with the way the demonstration, which has been put on at the school every five years, turned out since there were so many elements that just couldn't be rehearsed. "If even one person gets the message, then it is worth it," said EMT Rob Medina. He said he's used to using jaws of life in real crashes. In those cases, not everyone walks away unharmed.


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