H&R Block Filing Simple Tax Forms for Free

H&R Block has a special offer for filing your federal 1040EZ Form, but the offer does not include filing state returns.

Income tax season is here again. And a well-known tax business is ready with a special offer.

According to its website, H&R Block will prepare and file your federal income tax return for free through February 15, if you file the 1040 EZ form.

The "free" offer carries the following conditions:

  • If your filing status is single or married filing jointly;
  • have no dependents or children;
  • if you do not itemize deductions;
  • have no mortgage payment;
  • have a taxable income of less than $100,000;
  • earned all income from wages, tips and allowable sources.

But there is a charge to file state tax returns, H&R Block will charge $39 to file state tax returns for such filers.

The IRS began accepting 2012 tax returns on .

Here are H&R Block locations in Duluth.

  • H&R Block - 2160 Satellite Blvd.
  • H&R Block - 3360 Satellite Blvd.
  • H&R Block - 6555 Sugarloaf Parkway

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Ducktighttwo March 09, 2013 at 01:52 PM
Save your money! I want to point taxpayers to a non-profit free file site run by United Way and the Walmart Foundation. State and Federal tax filing is free if your household income is less than $57K. You can also have all kinds of things like EIC, small business income, 12 kids, etc with no extra charge. The site is: myfreetaxes.com/upstreetfreetax The interview based software HRBlock software will walk you through all the questions to accurately file your returns. You can also find free tax clinics staffed by volunteers if you go to IRS.gov and type in VITA or TCE. (Volunteer Income Tax Assistance and Tax Counseling for the Elderly). There are locations nationwide. And unlike what the big tax chains would have you believe, these sites use the same e-file system and you get your refund back just as fast as if you paid the chains $300. So keep your money!


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