‘South Duluth’ Helps ‘North Duluth’

Mayor Nancy Harris and Duluth First Baptist Church deliver work gloves to flood-ravaged sister city of Duluth, MN.

“South Duluth” Mayor Nancy Harris and a group of volunteers from the First Baptist Church of Duluth visited “North Duluth” last week to lend a hand. They delivered 675 pairs of adult-sized work gloves to sister city Duluth, MN, for that city’s flood clean-up efforts. The work gloves were donated by Duluth, GA, citizens and businesses.

“I was very proud of Duluth, GA, while personally presenting our sister city with a gift that was given by our entire community,” said Harris in a press release. “The Duluth, MN, Mayor’s Office commented that Duluth, GA, must be a very caring and giving place to live,” she said.

Four hundred pairs of gloves were collected by Duluth FBC. Howard Brothers donated a case. Others dropped off work gloves at Duluth City Hall. The church transported the gloves to Duluth, MN, by van along with a group of teenagers who volunteered to help with disaster relief through a program called World Changers.

Duluth, MN, Mayor Don Ness called a press event to acknowledge the donation. South Duluth's generosity was widely publicized during Mayor Harris’ three-day visit.

Immediately after the press conference, two different organizations stepped up and asked for gloves. “I am sure by now all the gloves have been put to use and reuse. Work gloves are going to be an ongoing need for North Duluth. I am looking for a way to keep this project going and be able to ship the gloves to North Duluth. If you are interested in helping lead this effort, please contact me,” Harris said.

Duluth, MN, has a population of 80,000 people and covers 127 square miles. Over 12 feet of flood water washed through the Minnesota city's historic area in June. Volunteers are helping to restore the area and move residents back into their homes.

Jean H July 31, 2012 at 12:31 PM
I appreciate the effort to help our sister city in the north! Thank you for collecting the gloves,delivering them and, moreso, for working alongside our 'brothers & sisters' shoulder-to-shoulder in their on-going relief /clean-up efforts.


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