Park Project Funds Earmarked

Duluth City Council authorizes use of SPLOST funds for uniform park signs, more parking, roof replacement, and new playground equipment.

Funds to design uniform entrance and rules signs for Duluth’s parks and other improvements were earmarked by the Duluth City Council at its Monday (Dec. 10) meeting.

The council initially authorized $8,500 for Sky Design to develop the concept for the new signs at the city’s seven parks plus a message sign at Bunten Road Park. The total project, including construction and installation of the signs by IMG, is estimated at $150,000 to be derived from 2009 SPLOST funds.

Sky Design and IMG did the new wayfinding signs in downtown Duluth.

Existing signs need “renovation, repair and redesign in some cases,” according to Kathy Marelle, director of the Duluth Parks and Recreation Department.

The council also approved use of SPLOST funds for the following park improvements:

  • $250,000 to construct a parking area to serve the playground and pavilion area at W.P. Jones Park. Existing parking will be utilized for the new Senior Citizens Activity Center, Marelle said, so more public parking for playground and pavilion users is needed.
  • An additional $4,400 to bring the W.P. Jones Park playground into compliance with the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA).
  • $100,000 to replace the roof at the Bunten Park Activity Building. The roof has been leaking for the past several years, according to Marelle, and the roof warranty has expired.
  • $250,000 to replace the playground equipment at Bunten Road Park. The aging wooden playground structures have deteriorated, and the warranty has expired, Marelle said. The replacement equipment will be modern and low-maintenance, she said.

The council also authorized the expenditure of $1,600 in contingency funds for detectable warning tiles for sidewalks at the intersection of Brock Road and Main Street. This is part of installation of a crosswalk, and the tiles are needed for the crosswalk to be ADA compliant.




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