Owners Must Register Foreclosed, Vacant Properties

Duluth establishes registry for vacant, foreclosed and delinquent properties located in the city.

Owners of vacant, foreclosed and delinquent property in Duluth are now required to register them with the city.

The Duluth City Council approved an ordinance establishing a vacant and foreclosed structure registry at its Sept. 10 meeting citing the following reasons:

  • There is a need to establish a registration system for vacant, foreclosed and delinquent property in order to protect property values for all property owners and to encourage proper upkeep and maintenance of such properties.
  • Due to the lack of adequate maintenance and security of vacant, foreclosed and delinquent properties, the property values and quality of life of neighboring properties are negatively impacted.
  • Improperly maintained and secured properties can become a hazard to the health and safety of neighboring properties.

To register, fill out and submit the registration form along with a $100 fee to the Duluth Department of Planning and Development. Click here to access the form.

The form may be submitted electronically. Or print the form and drop it off at Duluth City Hall or mail it to the Duluth Department of Planning and Development, Duluth City Hall, 3167 Main St., Duluth, GA 30096. Registration is not valid until the registration fee is paid.

For questions regarding the registry, contact the planning department at 770-476-1790.

Dusty Graham November 03, 2012 at 04:27 AM
Duluth is regulating everything, then complaining about the staff costs of regulation, then charging fees to cover those costs. It's time for a deep audit of all city processes and time to cut the bureaucratic fat that has built up over the decades of the same people being in control.
Sean November 05, 2012 at 06:12 PM
What is the $100 fee for anyway? Why would you need such a high fee to file a piece of paperwork for something that's not the government's business?
Duluthian November 06, 2012 at 04:09 AM
After reading the ordinance, it appears the reason for such ordinance is to provide the city with contact information to enforce existing code regulations. This need arises from difficult to contact owners. It is illogical to expect clandestine owners to come forth with $100 and a form to help the city contact them to enforce adherence to codes they are already violating. Threat of a $1000 penalty does not motivate these scofflaws. Silly city council. make n ordinance with teeth in it. Failure to maintain vacated property according to code should result in forfeiture and auction by the city.


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