Homestead Exemption Deadline April 1

Apply for homestead exemption for 2012 tax year online or request application forms by email or telephone.


Gwinnett County Tax Commissioner Richard Steele wants homeowners to know that the deadline for homestead exemptions for the 2012 tax year is April 1. He urged homeowners to apply in an announcement issued by his office.

“I want homeowners to get any tax break they are entitled to as easily as possible,” said Steele in the announcement. “The best way for them to save money on their property tax is to be sure they are taking advantage of any exemption they can. We want homeowners to know what is available to them and how to apply on time in order to reap the most benefit possible.”

There are several exemptions available to qualifying homeowners including the following two common exemptions:

  • Regular Homestead (S1R): Reduces the assessed value of your property. Must own home on Jan. 1 of the tax year. No age or income limit. Must be primary residence.
  • Senior School Exemption (L5A): Provides 100% exemption from Gwinnett County School District taxes on your home and up to one acre of land. Applicants must be 65 years old as of Jan. 1 of the tax year. Income limits apply.

Homeowners must apply for exemptions. No exemptions are granted automatically. However, once an exemption is granted, there is no need to apply again each year. 

To apply online and for more information, visit www.GwinnettTaxCommissioner.com.

Email tax@gwinnettcounty.com or call 770-822-8800 for any exemption-related questions or to request application forms.



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