Helpful Property Tax Information for 2013

How to file online, when to expect your property assessments and more from the Gwinnett County Tax Assessor's Office.

An update from the  Gwinnett County Tax Assessor's Office on property assessment, personal property and the new vehicle title tax.

You can submit your tangible personal property returns online:

Property owners now have the option to submit their tangible personal property tax returns using the county's new electronic eFile solution. Owners of boats, airplanes, and businesses having fixed assets and/or inventory are required to file an annual Tangible Personal Property Tax Return.

Visit the Tax Assessor's eFiling Tax Returns webpage for more information.

Did you purchase property in 2012?

If you purchased property or have property that has had extensive repair, remodeling, damages, or a demolition in 2012, file a Real Property Tax Return now through April 1. Filing a return will assist in verifying the property owner's mailing address for future notices and assist in the valuation process by providing purchase price and market information.

Property owners can submit the returns electronically on the Filing Made Easy webpage.

Notice of current property assessments issued in April:

The Tax Assessor's office will begin issuing Notice of Current Assessments to commercial and residential property owners on Friday, April 5.

The actual tax bill you receive will be based on the location of the property and which service districts apply. For more information on which local government is providing services and the corresponding service districts, please visit www.gwinnettservicedistricts.com.

New motor vehicle title tax effective March 1:

Effective March 1, House Bill 386 removes the sales tax and the annual ad valorem tax on newly purchased vehicles. It replaces these taxes with a new title tax of 6.5 percent in 2013. The title tax affects both new vehicles purchased from a dealer and sales between individuals.

All other existing annual vehicle registration requirements, including annual tag renewal fees, decals, and emission tests (if applicable), remain in effect for all vehicle owners.

Click here for more on the new vehicle title tax.

The Tax Assessor's Office is open Monday-Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.  and is located in the Gwinnett Justice and Administration Building, 75 Langley Drive, in Lawrenceville.

Source: Gwinnett County Tax Assessor's Office


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