Gwinnett Voters Go for Gingrich

The former Speaker of the House receives the most votes in Gwinnett County in Republican Presidential Primary.


Gwinnettians voting in the March 6 Super Tuesday Republican Presidential Primary supported Newt Gingrich over other candidates.

With 99 percent of precincts reporting, the Georgia Secretary of State’s office reported 35,133 votes cast for Gingrich. Mitt Romney received 21,405 votes, Rick Santorum 12,362 votes, and Ron Paul 4,841.

Statewide Gingrich garnered 47.4 percent of the vote. The former Speaker of the House considered winning in his home state of Georgia crucial to his campaign. Gingrich was followed by Romney with 25.7 percent, Santorum with 19.6 percent, and Paul with 6.5 percent.

Georgia voters cast 128,728 votes for President Barack Obama in the Democratic Presidential Primary. The incumbent president received 5,218 votes in Gwinnett County.

A referendum allowing Sunday liquor sales in Gwinnett County passed. The earliest Sunday that sales of package beer, wine and distilled spirits could start is June 3.

John March 07, 2012 at 02:43 PM
Didnt the Gwinnett referendum state whether to allow the County to control whether there should be sales on Sunday? Also, when Newt runs out of money and drops out of the race in a month or two. Who do the delegates vote for then? Should we wait until the Fat Cat slobs in charge of the GOP party tell us who to vote for? How long will it take them to complete their back door deal making to try and strong arm the delegates into doing that?


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