Ennfield Lane Arson House Razed

Contractor hired by city tears down fire-damaged house. Lot to be graded and seeded with grass to return it to vacant green status.

The fire-damaged house at 2970 Ennfield Lane in Duluth has been torn down by a contractor hired by the city.

After the concrete slab and driveway are removed, the lot will be graded for proper drainage. The lot will be seeded with grass and returned to a vacant green status.

Alan Densmore Inc. started work early this week and was expected to complete removal of the neighborhood eyesore by the end of the day Friday.

This home was involved in an arson, which resulted in a homicide about four years ago. The previous owner, the primary suspect in these crimes, fled the United States and remains at large. The city’s building inspector condemned the house last May and recommended that it be torn down.

Chase Home Mortgage couldn’t raze the house because it had been unable to foreclose on the property. The mortgage company has agreed to repay the city the approximately $17,000 cost of the demolition.


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