'Dear Voters': Post 2 Candidate Dugan Sends Message

The City Council candidate posts in advance of the Dec. 3 runoff election.

Jim Dugan. (Credit: City of Duluth.)
Jim Dugan. (Credit: City of Duluth.)
Note: Duluth Patch asked each of the City Council runoff candidates to write an open letter to voters, in advance of the Dec. 3 runoff election. This is written by Post 2 candidate Jim Dugan. The posts were only subject to standard editing. 

Dear Voters,
You may be asking yourself, “Why should I vote for the incumbent” (Jim Dugan). Here’s some info to consider as you make that decision:

The citizens of Duluth deserve someone who works hard, has a vision, and is willing to put in the time necessary to make things happen. Having served the citizens of Duluth for 14 years, I know what it takes to be a dependable and strong leader. I "listen to" and "work for" the citizens of Duluth. I'm not just another seat on the city council. 

My past accomplishments offer a foundation for future controlled growth. I'm analytical, honest, ethical, and have no personal agendas or partisan political stands. My 180 hours of government training helps me make informed decisions based on all aspects of city management: budget, public input, effects on our businesses and citizens, ethics, economy, and planning and zoning to name a few.

Council is a tough place to just jump in and get your feet wet without having any previous experience or serving on any city boards or committees. Knowledge and experience is very important in decision-making for our city and that’s what I bring to the table. Becoming familiar with why and how past decisions were made, and how they integrate with other decisions, is essential to the overall plans and strategic direction of our city.

A council member’s involvement requires more than just attending meetings. I've been involved with the Duluth Business Association for over 20 years, and serve as a liaison among local merchants, city residents, and city government. Since moving to Duluth 28 years ago, I have volunteered at the Duluth Fall Festival every year since day one. I’ve been an active volunteer for numerous committees of the DFF and have served as overall chairman 4 times. I also participate in cemetery cleanup work days, municipal meetings, Duluth Matters, and Gwinnett County meetings. These opportunities to participate in organizations and community events help give me an insight to the people and businesses of Duluth.

I‘ve worked with our Director of Parks & Recreations and also with our Director of Maintenance by attending meetings, workshops, activities, and visiting many of our parks and residential sub-divisions to assess complaints, issues, and desired improvements. This interaction with residents serves to assist in resolving problems, enhance our communities and make them safer and more desirable as places to live and play. 

We have a lot of momentum building in the city and I want to continue the economic development of Duluth by attracting new businesses, building city/business partnerships, and continuing to enhance infrastructures.

I believe my experience, government training, and community involvement make me better qualified to continue serving on city council. I am passionate about our city and want to continue serving on the city council to make Duluth a community we can all be proud to call home. I have always been, and always will be, involved with Duluth. 

Jim Dugan

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Dusty Graham December 02, 2013 at 10:10 PM
The following document is presented to every candidate who qualifies for election. http://www.duluthga.net/about_duluth/city_elections/docs/Campaign_Sign_Memorandum_2013_Revised.pdf "4. No signs are permitted in the right-of-way. Any signs discovered within the right-of-way will be removed and stored at the City Public Works Maintenance Facility for a period of two (2) weeks. If signs are not claimed within two (2) weeks, signs shall be discarded without further investigation." Tonight, Dugan's campaign has blanketed downtown Duluth with his signs in the right-of-way. Why is he special? Is this the "ethical" "strong leader" that Dugan claims to be? Don't we deserve better?


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