'Dear Voters': Post 1 Candidate Bomar Sends Message

The City Council candidate posts in advance of the Dec. 3 runoff election.

Marsha Anderson Bomar. (Credit: City of Duluth.)
Marsha Anderson Bomar. (Credit: City of Duluth.)
Note: Duluth Patch asked each of the City Council runoff candidates to write an open letter to voters, in advance of the Dec. 3 runoff election. This is written by Post 1 candidate Marsha Anderson Bomar. The posts were only subject to standard editing. 

Dear Voters,

Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth.
-Muhammad Ali 

I was raised to believe that in different seasons of my life I would have time, talent or treasure and that what I have only means something if it is shared. Beginning with my days  as a Girl Scout, I looked for ways to serve.

Next year I will celebrate 30 years of living in Gwinnett, the first 14 years just a mile from Duluth. This is the hometown where I raised my three children and volunteered in many ways at the Duluth cluster schools. This is the town where I grew my little company (Street Smarts) from 4 employees to 120; where I helped to bring a world class building out of the 
ground to help move Duluth to a whole new level of downtown activity. This is where I got to build an award winning community gathering spot (Chocolate Perks) that served as an art gallery and a music venue, too. 

During all of my volunteer activities including Chairing the United Way campaign for Gwinnett and while I grew my businesses, I had to develop ways to make good things happen on a very limited budget. While on City Council I have used the same energy and creativity to help bring opportunity to many parts of the city. With the development of the various corridor groups, we need to work together to make those good things happen 
around the city.

Being an effective member of council is about being fully engaged – with the citizens, the businesses, the non-profits, the city staff, the County and regional organizations. There is a great synergy between what I have done professionally for 40 years and the needs of a strong council member. Developing leadership in all of my organizations has always been key and that is why I started the L.E.A.D. program. I am excited that it is becoming a consideration when appointing board members.

I want to see Duluth be its best – the kind of place where my children will choose to come back and raise their families. I want it to be a great place for me to age in place and we are well on the road. 

I love being part of Fall Festival and Barefoot in the Park. It is an honor to represent the city and brag about this great place I call home. It is a pleasure to tell our story and invite others to come be part of our great community.

At the end of the day, it would be with gratitude and dedication that I would serve one more term if you will vote for me.

With humility

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Louis Tseng December 02, 2013 at 11:48 PM
Friends, Supporters and Colleagues: I have already spoken with many of you in person regarding Duluth Run-off election tomorrow. We have run a very effective campaign during the election and now I am asking you again for your help – this time – to support Marsha Bomar. After talking to both Marsha and David, both candidates show willingness to support my campaign initiatives that would help to improve Duluth. This does not come as an easy decision as both candidates have the heart to serve our community. With much consideration in regards to governing experiences and community involvements I have decided to support Marsha. I believe she is the best candidate to bridge the gap for all of us. Many of the initiatives are from you as citizens of Duluth- tomorrow is our opportunity to make that dream a reality by going out to vote for Marsha on Post 1. Polls will be open at City Hall from 7am – 7pm. Please go out and vote – make your voice be heard. Every vote can make a difference! David – we wish you the very best of luck tomorrow and looking forward to working with you as well to improve Duluth. Thanks for all your support! Sincerely, -Louis Tseng


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