'Dear Voters of Duluth': Post 2 Candidate Grey Sends Message

The City Council candidate posts in advance of the Dec. 3 runoff election.

Seth Grey. (Credit: City of Duluth.)
Seth Grey. (Credit: City of Duluth.)
Note: Duluth Patch asked each of the City Council runoff candidates to write an open letter to voters, in advance of the Dec. 3 runoff election. This is written by Post 2 candidate Seth Grey. The posts were only subject to standard editing. 

Dear Voters of Duluth, 

Thank you so much for taking the time to hear my passion and hearts 
desire to serve the City of Duluth. I believe that you lead by serving. Seeking to serve first will communicate to residents and businesses that government exists to serve, not be served. 

I believe that we need to value the entire city when a project is up for 
vote. Duluth has many pockets of the community and all need to be given 
the proper attention they deserve. Supporting projects that encompass the 
betterment of Duluth that is guided by financial means, practical use, and is 
desired by the citizens.

There is always lots of talk of the need to attract new businesses to 
Duluth. But how does a city actually go about attracting a new business? I believe the best way to attract new businesses is by taking care of the businesses that already exist. Business owners talk to other business owners, and we need to be aggressive at serving those who are already operating in Duluth. As a city, we should be known for focusing on doing whatever it takes to serve our local businesses. When we serve our businesses, we strengthen the community.

I will support projects that lead to businesses creating a lively social 
atmosphere, which increases the community engagement. We want to be a city in which children make memories playing at safe and clean local parks. When citizens enjoy their city, they engage with their city. I think a simple reality of making downtown Duluth enabled with a FREE wireless cloud, is a realistic goal that would enhance the attraction of the area.

With the cost of gasoline, milk, and bread rising, it should be a priority to 
maintain a low property tax rate. Gwinnett County officials just raised the mileage rate, and this put a burden on families. By keeping the property tax low, we send the message to families that Duluth is a place that holds true to the value of running an efficient city with minimal cost. We value you!

I believe that I bring a fresh perspective to addressing old problems. With 
a background in Marketing, I believe that I will use this experience to help the City engage citizens and understand the needs of the local businesses.
I’m running because I don’t want to wait for 10 years to go by and then 
decide to get involved within the community. I want to be a part of the process now. My four children are a primary motivation in wanting to serve. I ask myself the question, “what type of place do I want my kids to be living in, and what do I want the city to look like 10 years from now?” I would be honored to be a part of shaping the future of Duluth.

I would be honored to have your vote!

Seth Grey
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