Brookhaven Holds Town Hall Meeting at Marist Tonight

Also: Updates from Mayor Davis on city hall, city manager search and police department


The new city of Brookhaven is holding its first town hall meeting on Thursday night at 7:30 pm at Marist School, 3790 Ashford Dunwoody Road.

The event is designed to introduce the new city's mayor, city council and department heads.

“This town hall will be a time for us to engage with our residents. We want this to be an open informational forum,” said Mayor J. Max Davis, “and we hope everyone will attend.”

In an email to constituents Wednesday afternoon, Davis also provided these updates:

A New City Hall

  • "The future location for City Hall will be in Brookhaven and we are working hard to make sure it is centrally located on or near Peachtree Road. There will be plenty of public input on this issue in the coming months."

City Manager/Police Department

  • "We should have our City Manager search wrapped up in February. This will let us start building our Police Department which should be up and running this summer."

City Parks

  • "We hope to complete the purchase of the 11 parks in Brookhaven this fall. We will get quite a bargain as state law provides we will only pay $100.00 an acre. We have 250+ acres of parks within our boundaries and we will be taking up the maintenance and improvement of those parks upon purchase."


  • "We have adopted a code of ordinances for our city and are in the process now of updating and revising that code as we get input from residents and businesses within the city. We are also tightening up code sections that legal counsel advises are subject to constitutional or other procedural issues.
  • "One of the more publicized ordinances, which dealt with sexually oriented businesses, was the first to be tightened up.  Part of the reason this ordinance was addressed was to help protect our neighborhoods from the possibility of an adult oriented establishment opening its doors off of Ashford Dunwoody Road or Dresden Drive."

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Enuff Govt Already January 24, 2013 at 11:08 PM
Brookhaven is a city without a court so lets establish a court and to save some money contract with the county for police for a specific number of patrol cars for Brookhaven. If we are worried about branding then buy some cars with Brookhaven on the side and put the county officers behind the wheel. We'll save on personel cost and we don't lose our access to a full service police dept. I've already noticed the motorcycle cop has disappearred from around Montgomery Elem Sch. It's my belief that a B'haven PD will not have all the resources, specialized detectives and etc necessary in today's environment to properly police our area. Mayor and Council, I do not want a small partial service police department. I want a full service police department that has all the needed elements. I don't want to hear rumors of botched investigations ; the Sneiderman case comes to mind. I remember some were saying the county police over reacted by sending dozens of officers to the immediate area when that child shot himself in the woods outside of Montclair but in light of even more recent events I can't believe we would actually consider lessening our police service. I 've also read the Gov's Commission Report/Police and see that 911 is back on the table. I'm certain we were told that 911 would stay with the county, what's up?
Eddie E. January 25, 2013 at 03:35 AM
Preachin' to the choir for me. The economics are obvious, but now it is time to face the facts. Either we can spend what is required (although it will cost more than we have unless we give up the Tivoli Gardens parks projects and accept why there were not paving crews on every corner). Or we can accept the appropriate tax increase (yes we were lied to about that but who thinks it is news).. Or we can settle for a little, underfunded Police department that will remain underfunded in perpetuity. I realize this bumps up against the fantasy so many held dear, but adequate Police coverage is at the heart of any municipality or County Government. And as a side issue, if we settle with too little coverage, just wait until you get your new insurance bill (yes, that is considered in the calculation). Long and short, no matter what you believed, there is still no free lunch!


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