Berkeley Lake Annexes Surrounding Businesses

With approval by the Georgia General Assembly, the Gwinnett city adds nearby commercial property to its borders.

In an announcement issued Thursday (Sept. 23) by Berkeley Lake's mayor, Lois Salter, the city's borders have expanded and now include a number of adjacent commercial properties.

On Sept. 21 Gov. Nathan Deal signed H.B. 13EX which expands the City of Berkeley Lake's city limits through the annexation of properties between the previous city limits and Peachtree Industrial Boulevard.

The annexation includes over 25 parcels, mostly commercial properties that were in unincorporated Gwinnett County and adjacent to the city's current borders.

Among the businesses to be included is and banks, two branches located on the corner of Peachtree Industrial Boulevard and South Berkeley Lake Road, and the commercial properties in the located behind IronStone Bank.

H.B. 13EX was sponsored by State Rep. Tom Rice (R-Dist. 51) and supported by State Sen. David Shafer (Dist 48) and signed by the governor last Wednesday.

"This annexation is a positive step for the City of Berkeley Lake as well as the business properties that have been annexed," said Salter in her announcement.

"It is much healthier for a city to have a broader and more balanced tax base that includes many types of properties rather than having such a preponderance of residential property.

"Owners of annexed business properties will benefit from not having to pay stormwater utility fees and business owners operating on those properties will benefit from paying lower business license fees and occupational taxes in Berkeley Lake."

2012 is the first year that the annexed properties will pay property taxes to the City of Berkeley Lake.

Editor's note: H.B. 13EX (in PDF format) is included with this article.


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