Woman Accused in Fatal Ga. 316 Wreck Charged with Vehicular Homicide

Sabrina Townes has already been charged in a 2012 wreck in DeKalb County that killed a man.

Sabrina Townes. Gwinnett County mug shot.
Sabrina Townes. Gwinnett County mug shot.

The woman accused of causing a seven-car accident in Gwinnett over the Memorial Day weekend will face charges in the death of Pamela Leake, of Lawrenceville.

Lawrenceville Police have taken out warrants for Sabrina Townes, charging her with first-degree homicide, reckless driving and driving with a suspended license, according to WSB-TV.

Townes already faces vehicular homicide in DeKalb County for her involvement in a 2012 accident that killed Lymeng Lim.

Police said Townes was the at-fault driver in a May 25 pile-up on Ga. 316 near the Lawrenceville-Suwanee bridge. Leake was killed and three others were injured in the accident, which closed the freeway for hours Sunday.

In the DeKalb case, DeKalb Police said it wasn’t able to find Townes until the Gwinnett County wreck.

Townes’ bond was set at $300,000 in a DeKalb court on Tuesday.

Leake family members told the TV station they plan to be at every hearing for Townes.

A preliminary hearing in DeKalb is scheduled for June 16.

twin oakley May 29, 2014 at 08:14 AM
Sickening. My heart goes out to this family who says they will be at every hearing. I pray it is not as frustrating as the one I attended in Decatur with my son for the uninsured woman who pulled out in front of him causing him to crash his motorcycle. (He was injured but is finally ok.) She did not even attend. My son did, as he was subpoenaed. (Probably would have had an arrest warrant issued if he hadn't attended.) We were both hand-searched (treated like criminals) upon entry to the courtroom. However, my son was completely ignored for the full 2 hours he was there (and we made sure the bailiff knew he was there). The woman did not show. Her court appointed attorney said she was ill and couldn't be there. (Right) And not hearing from my son that she caused injury and over $10,000 in damages (which he is now having to sue his own insurance company for and which cost him hundreds in lost wages as well as deductibles) the judge simply gave her a $200 fine. Whooopee. I wouldn't be surprised if that got waived too. Add to this the time my husband was hit on I-285 from behind by an uninsured illegal who simply went back home (we assume) while awaiting his court appearance for which he was a no-show. Also had to file that one with our own insurance. The punishments for these kinds of crimes are so wimpy that it's no wonder people are driving all over the place not worried in the least about their responsibility to others. We are all in danger out on the roads. Distracted, irresponsible drivers are becoming almost the norm. Watch yourselves at every turn - because you will be the one to pay the piper - not them. To the families of the victims - I am so sorry for your losses.
North Georgia Weather May 29, 2014 at 08:26 AM
This women needs to be buried under the jail.
SUNKEN SUB May 29, 2014 at 12:06 PM
* UP SCOPE ============================================ Congratulations, you made the big house. ============================================ Have a GREAT LIFE. ============================================ Down Scope
Mack May 29, 2014 at 02:10 PM
Have been watching this story unfold from several sites including this one. One only has to look at the photo and think that this person thinks that she is above the law. By not going to court in DeKalb and being released on bail from DeKalb thinks that it is over. This person, according to the reports, was driving in the emergency lane on 316, which leads one to think that she has no regard for the law or for others drivers safety who abide by the law. She was reported driving without a valid license that was revoked. Did she have insurance? probably not. Watched her court appearance and seems like the only thing she cares about is the fact she got caught. Hopefully when she comes back to Gwinnett she will remain in jail until her trail. She should have never been given bail considering the charges. The families that are affected by her actions are the ones we should be thinking about, not this person.


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