Weird Police Stories: Pizza Man Justice, Nude Dancing and Misplaced Dope

Strange crime stories in Northeast Georgia, as reported on local Patch sites.

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1. Taking things into his own hands, a Stone Mountain pizza delivery man went after teens who had ordered pizza and wings but refused to pay, even after one of them brandished a gun. The four teens took off running and the delivery man gave chase, grabbing one of the suspects trying to climb over a fence. One of the teens showed the man a handgun and he backed off. Later he chased the group in his car, caught up to them and was told "Bro, you don't want this" while being shown the handgun at one of the suspect's waistline. With the help of the delivery man, DeKalb Police eventually caught up to the suspects.

2. Police found quite an eyeful when they arrived at an Athens-area apartment: a woman dancing nude outside her second-story apartment. According to a story in the Athens Banner Herald, residents were shaking their heads while watching the woman — described as being 5-foot-1 and weighing about 230 pounds.

3. Gwinnett Police officers made a mistake when they stopped a van they suspected in a hit-and-run incident in the Lilburn area. The van wasn’t the one involved in the accident, but as officers talked to the occupants of the van, they became suspicious when the men lied about personal information. The smell of burnt pot didn’t help. A search uncovered two small bags containing cocaine.

4. A man told police he was looking for a fight when he chased his ex-girlfiend’s boyfriend around the streets of Buford. The man, who had a “strong odor of alcohol,” according to the police report, chased the boyfriend before eventually running into the man’s Hummer H3. The jilted man told police he “intended to fight the male and wanted to harm him.” He faces charges of DUI, hit and run, aggressive driving and aggravated assault.

5. A shoplifting suspect at a Lilburn Walgreen’s got into more trouble than for stealing greeting cards, pens and Sharpies. Searching her purse, Lilburn PD found two glass pipes with burn marks "commonly used to smoke crack cocaine and methamphetamine,” and two capsules of meth.

6. Man trouble and intoxication started a brawl at Del Rio near Dacula, leading to a woman being knocked nearly unconscious. After police arrived they talked to “very intoxicated” people who were involved in the altercation. Big surprise there.

7. A Winder-area woman forgot something in the squad car after a traffic stop. Suspicious of the woman's actions, police put her in the back seat of the patrol car while they searched the vehicle. Later, she asked to be allowed to go to the rest room at a gas station. Police then found a small bag containing crack cocaine where she had been seated.

8. An Athens woman told police a beer keg was stolen from her front porch. Her roommate saw the culprit pick it up and run away. What we don’t know if there was any beer left in the keg. 

9. Some friend, huh? A man who had picked up prescription drugs for a woman friend from a Dacula doctor’s office, later refused to deliver the goods —a 30-count bottle of Lortabs and a 40-count bottle of Soma; both are pain pills. The woman told police the man said he was keeping her prescriptions until she paid him money she owed.

10. Proof that people will steal anything, a Johns Creek man said the catalytic converter was stolen from his wife’s car while she worked at Emory Johns Creek. The thief used a cutting tool to remove the part while the car was in the parking lot.


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