Spa Shooter Matches Same Suspect in La. Shooting

The spa shooter in last Tuesday's murder-suicide was the same person acquitted of killing three men in a 1989 Louisiana incident.

According to the Shreveport Times sourcing the Associated Press, the was the same person acquitted of killing three men in 1989 in Louisiana.

Jefferson Parish officials have confirmed with the newspaper that records indicate Jeong Soo Paek, the 59-year-old shooter who killed his two sisters and their husbands at , was acquitted of the slayings in a New Orleans suburb.

The article reported that Sang Pok Yi, 54, and his sons, 26-year-old Sang "Robert" Man Yi and 27-year-old Sung Tae Yi were fatally shot at a home in the suburb of Metairie. Paek had been working for the father in a building maintenance business, according to the article.

Paek was shot in the face and neck three times and had lost an eye during the incident. His tongue was also destroyed by bullets, according to plastic surgeons treating Paek.

Norcross Police Chief Warren Summers confirmed with the publication that the spa shooter was missing an eye and that he had heard about Paek being involved in a past Louisiana crime.

For Paek's trial in 1990, he said the Yi family started beating him when he told them he might start his own business. He fired his pistol when he thought one of the men was about to draw a gun, says the article.

Several jurors said there wasn't enough evidence to support finding Paek guilty of murdering the men, according to the article.

The article also reported that 2006 court records show that Paek's family was afraid of his violent tendencies. One of his sisters, Kum Hi Song, asked for a temporary protective order while he was serving a sentence for assaulting her.

She reportedly wrote to a judge: "I am concerned that he is becoming more threatening and wants to harm us with his guns. My brother has also threatened to commit suicide with his guns."

Song, 61, along with Byong Ok Kang, 64; Kum Sook Kim, 57; and Tae Yol Kim, 55, were all shot in the Feb. 21 shooting at the Norcross spa, according to Norcross Police. He then turned the gun on himself.

Although the motive is unclear, police suspect it may be money-related. Everyone involved is believed to have some type of ownership with the Su Jung business, according to Norcross Police Spokesman Captain Brian Harr.


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