GCPD: Turner Said He Had 'Approximately 5 Shots' Before DUI Arrest

Turner said he consumed the alcohol at Magic City in Atlanta after Monday's Falcons-Broncos game.

After initially telling a Gwinnett Police officer early Tuesday that he had nothing to drink, Atlanta Falcons running back Michael Turner said he had "approximately 5 shots" at a bar in Atlanta before his DUI arrest, according to the arrest report.

The arrest report, which was released Wednesday, quoted Turner as saying that he had consumed the alcohol at Magic City in Atlanta about 3 a.m. "after getting there late." Asked by the arresting officer if the shots were normal size, Turner said the shots were "in cups, not glasses."

According to yelp.com, Magic City is a strip club located on Forsyth Street.

Turner rushed for 42 yards and one touchdown in Monday's Falcons win over Denver at the Georgia Dome.

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Turner, a Suwanee resident, was stopped by a member of the Gwinnett Police DUI Task force on northbound I-85 near Steve Reynolds Boulevard early Tuesday. Police said Turner's vehicle was doing 97 mph in a 65 mph zone. The officer pursued the DUI investigation after smelling an "odor" of alcohol from Turner. The arrest report noted that the odor was "strong."

A field sobriety test at the scene found Turner's alcohol level at 0.109, above the legal limit.

Turner was booked into the Gwinnett Detention Center about 5 a.m., and released on bond shortly after 7 a.m.

Turner's license was confiscated by police as part of the arrest, because he refused to submit to a state breath test. Turner's vehicle was removed from the scene by a wrecker at Turner's request.

Tuesday was an off-day for Falcons players. However, Turner met with Falcons coach Mike Smith about the arrest. Smith said he was "disappointed" by the arrest, but would not comment further about Turner's status.

Rick D. Day October 01, 2012 at 02:23 PM
I would love to know how that venue can legally sell alcolhol after 3AM, and on a Sunday? Do cheezy strip clubs get an exception to us otherwise law abiding license holders? I guess this means that APD License & Permits is short handed again, or they tend to look the other way when the 'brothers' are involved. Sheesh...


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