Best Blogs on Patch: Finding the Right Christmas Tree

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Credit: morgueFile
Credit: morgueFile
Patch bloggers write about a variety of topics on our site. Bloggers use the platform to share photos, offer tips on a specific topic or promote volunteer activities. 

Don't know the difference between a Douglas Fir and a Scotch Pine, then you'll want to read: Pick the Perfect Christmas Tree This Year. 

A reflection on the special place ornaments hold in our lives: The Old Ornaments.

Thoughts on the shooting at Newtown as the one-year anniversary approaches: Peace to All as the One Year Sandy Hook Date Approaches.

Here's what not to include in your holiday letter: The Dreaded Holiday Letter.

Some parenting in advice in Are You Raising a Quitter?

How to spot drug use by your child in Recognizing the Warning Signs.

Great advice for bloggers: The Step By Step Formula I Use to Create Traffic to My Blog Posts.

What a blogger thinks is The Real War on Christmas.

Do you have questions about blogging? Contact Patch Community Editor Liz Kennedy at liz.kennedy@patch.com.


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