Who Controls the Thermostat in Your Home?

There are supposedly physiological and biological reasons why some feel heat more than others, but when two opposites are sharing a home does it really matter?

The battle of the sexes as it relates to the thermostat has been fought ever since the air conditioner became a permanent fixture in the home. I know it has in mine.

According to an article in Yahoo, it is because women really are colder than men. Not so in my house – and this is a sore point for me right now. The air conditioner and been on the blink all weekend and I feel like I’ve spent the last 72 hours in a sauna. Isn't it supposed to be autumn already? My husband, on the other hand, is probably enjoying the break. He keeps a hoodie next to the bed for the times it is his turn to make coffee in the morning – even in mid summer.

The experts claim that there are indeed physiological and biological reasons why some feel the heat more than others. My argument is, does it really matter? You can always get warm if you’re feeling the cold, but it is difficult the other way around.

Patch Columnist Jeff Allen tackled this when he wrote a column for Patch last year titled “Thermostat Wars.” Turns out he is the one in his household who keeps it cold enough to hang meat – which means he and I cancel out the whole gender argument right there.

So who controls the thermostat in your house?

Faye Edmundson September 24, 2012 at 04:38 PM
The battle over heat and cold in our household centered on a window in our bedroom that my husband insisted on keeping cracked year round letting in the cold air in the winter and allowing the cool air conditioning to escape in the summer. He insisted on letting the fresh air in the house no matter the season while we slept, or while he slept.


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