Should Women Be Allowed to Serve in Combat Roles?

Four female service members filed a lawsuit last week challenging the Pentagon’s ban on women serving in combat roles.

A lawsuit was filed last week in federal court in San Francisco, reportedly the second one this year, challenging the U.S. military ban on women serving in the military.

According to the Huffington Post, the challenge is over the 1994 rule that bans women from being assigned to ground combat units. These are reported to be smaller and more dangerous. The four women filing the lawsuit claim the policy blocks them from promotions that are open to men who serve in combat roles. The Huffington Post reports that one of the women involved in the lawsuit was injured in 2007 when her Humvee ran over an improvised device in Iraq.

The military reportedly claim to be making strides in this direction, but the attorney for the women said it falls short of what is required. The women are calling for an end to the combat ban.

What do you think? Should women be allowed to serve in combat roles in the military?


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