Pumpkin Pie as History?

History in the form of holiday memories and other things creeps into our everyday lives.


The holidays create memories and history. Grandma’s pumpkin pie, Aunt Mary’s cranberry sauce, Dad carving the big turkey. Seeing all the relatives we only see at holiday time. If all of this is familiar, you are talking HISTORY. Oh my, there is that word again. History is supposed to be old, old, old. Not so!!

On Thanksgiving and Christmas, we all create history. No matter who we are, we all lament, miss, mourn, or cherish holidays past. Sometimes they cause us to change the future, or go back to the past for solace and fond memories. Even if just for the day, there was palpable history made.

Current events in Washington have sent us all scrambling for a copy of the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. Who knew that those documents we talked about and studied in school those many years ago, would be relevant in our everyday lives? How many times have we said: “Why study this, I’ll never use it once I graduate?"

History has a way of creeping into our everyday lives without us even noticing. As a decision is made, we use information stored in our minds to make it. That’s HISTORY. Building a project, we look for plans and blueprints. Again, HISTORY. Reading a book, oops, there is that word again, HISTORY. Once the author writes it, it becomes history to him or her, and they leave it available for you to read..

History is something you can’t escape. It is part of our everyday lives. We just don’t decode it as that. History can be one of our most valuable assets, both tangible and intangible.

HISTORY, embrace it. 

Faye Edmundson December 14, 2011 at 11:05 AM
Thank you for reminding us what an important part history plays in our everyday lives.


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