Is Rejecting Healthcare Exchanges the Right Move?

Georgia became one of five states under Republican governors Friday that rejected the provision in the President's healthcare reform calling on states to set up online health insurance exchanges.

Gov. Nathan Deal of Georgia on Friday became the fifth governor of a state to reject a provision in the President Barack Obama's healthcare reform law.

According to Reuters, the other four states that had already rejected the provision that would require the states to set up healthcare exchanges are Ohio, Michigan, Florida and Wisconsin. Ohio, Michigan and Florida, however, have indicated a willingness to share in some of the responsibility with Washington.

Deal was one of the many governors who held off on making a decision until after the election. Republican candidate Mitt Romney had pledged to repeal the president's healthcare plan if elected. Since that didn't happen, states are left dealing with the plan that is scheduled to be implemented in stages.

So what do you think? Did Georgia's governor do the right thing by rejecting the state healthcare exchanges? What do you think the outcome of this rejection will be?

Sherilu November 18, 2012 at 05:47 PM
Huge mistake for Gov. Deal also, not utilizing the Medicaid portion is a huge mistake. He is making a decision that shows going against the President is more important than the health of Georgians.


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