Is It OK to Wear Yoga Pants Outside the Studio?

With the Black Friday run on yoga pants from Victoria Secret, can we expect to see more of them on the streets after Christmas?

The Black Friday run on yoga pants from Victoria Secret begs the question, are that many people looking to take up yoga in the new year? Or are the fashion police going to be looking for additional recruits as all those people in yoga pants hit the streets?

Fashion experts have been debating this issue since yoga pants first became a clothing item. Are they just for yoga or is it OK to wear them on the streets, in stores and restaurants or even, gasp ... in the office?

According to Jocelyn Greenky Herz, a senior vice president of SoHo-based Colin Cowie Lifestyle, “Yes.” In a New York Times article Herz said: "If your entire outfit looks chic, there’s no reason not to."

But not everybody shares this opinion. The issue has even raised some controversy with some school dress codes ruling out yoga pants as acceptable school dress.

What do you think? Are yoga pants outside the studio a no-no or an acceptable fashion statement? Do you see it as a sign of fashion confidence or a sign of just plain laziness?


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