Is Civility Really Dead in the United States?

It sure seems that way. Do you think there is a chance of America ever returning to a more civil society?

Whether on the nation's roadways, over social media or even just in person, it seems civility is a lost art. With a presidential campaign that is has been branded as one of the most uncivil of all time, it's not surprising that the vitriol flows down the ranks.

But it's not just the presidential campaign. People insult each other over Twitter, Facebook and on chatboards, seemingly just for the sheer pleasure of it. Gone are the days where elders were respected and people were civil to strangers. Remember the old adage, a "stranger is just a friend you don't yet know." That sure went out of date with the onset of the age of Internet anonymity.

Now a stranger is just someone who can be torn to shreds, whether it be for his or her opinion, intellect, education, or just simple command of the English language.

So what happened? Is civility really dead or is it just another fad we're going through and, like bell bottoms, it's destined to come back into fashion again at some point in time?


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