Do You Still Send Christmas Cards?

When did you last receive a whole bunch of Christmas cards?

Yesterday, I received my first Christmas card of the season. I really appreciate it -- and any others I get -- especially since I'm not very good about sending any out myself.

In the last decade, the sale of Christmas cards has pretty much gone down in proportion to the rise of social media. Those people we never communicated with except for that once a year Christmas card, well, we now know pretty much when they last had a cup of coffee -- and even that it was in their living room in Australia.

With Facebook not costing any more than your Internet connection, and the cost of postage stamps on the rise, it just makes sense to use Facebook -- or maybe a musical e-card. I mean, why not? With time such a precious commodity these days, it's just easier to wake up Christmas morning and wish all your friends a Merry Christmas. Hey, you can make it personal and "like" all the Merry Christmas wishes you get in return. And there's always Twitter as back up if you want to make sure you get the message out.

So tell us, are you still a traditionalist? Will you be making your way to the post office this year to send all your friends and relatives their own personalized Christmas card? Or will you hit the keyboard to share your Christmas wishes?


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