Did Santa Bring You What You Asked for This Christmas?

Did all those hints work? Was the top item on your Christmas Wish List under the tree this morning? Or was the top item on your Christmas wish list not a gift at all?

The wait is over, the day has arrived and the big question is finally answered. Did you find the top item on your Christmas wish list under the tree?

We all wish for world peace, sometimes just family peace would be good, but there's also always that one item we really would like for Christmas. It's usually something indulgent, something we feel guilty about buying for ourselves - but if someone else buys it for us, well that's different. We can enjoy it without feeling guilty.

Sometimes the best gift isn't a gift at all, it's a surprise homecoming of someone special, a healing of a rift in the family that you thought would never happen, or just the opportunity to spend quality time with loved ones you don't get to see every day.

So did you get a special gift this year? What is the best Christmas gift you've ever received?


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