Has the Dreaded Black Cloud Syndrome Ever Settled on your Turf?

In my mind, I fantasize about being in my lab; I’m mixing various chemicals to find the perfect solution that will dissipate a black cloud. You know the one!

There are days when even an optimist has to force a smile. In my mind, I fantasize about being in my lab; I’m mixing various chemicals to find the perfect solution that will dissipate a black cloud. You know the one! It settles over you when you least expect it and stays around for days on end. You may not notice its arrival for a day or two because, hey, everyone has a bad day. Maybe even three bad days in a row. Not until you notice a steady stream of very unfortunate events happening do you realize it’s the dreaded Black Cloud Syndrome settling in on your turf. It might go something like this:

Day 4:  My mind starts to retrace the prior week, the prior month trying to find the reason the dreaded BC has settled over my life. What slip-up or oversight brought this on, I wonder? I look suspiciously at my friends, my co-workers and wonder if I need to keep my distance. Perhaps this is their problem and I’m affected simply by association. Yeah, maybe that’s it. Nonetheless, the sides of my mouth get just a little tighter and making nice or smiling becomes a bit less spontaneous. My boss is also acting strange and grumpy, and I feel nervous about everything I do, or don’t do, wondering “Is it just another bad day … or what?”

Day 5: Unexpectedly, something major happens around the house. It might be a tree that falls during a bad spring storm. Or perhaps a water leak unnoticed which finally catches my attention in the form of a $200 water bill. Eventually I make it past the shock into the cranky stage and begin to make plans for corrective action. But somehow the mouth area keeps going back to the "O" shape, and I shake my head a bit from side to side, repeatedly. Backtracking even further, I instinctively review the prior quarter of my life looking for that deed-of-deeds that caused some bad karma to arrive.

Day 6:  I’m already a bit distracted handling events from Days 1 -5, and finally I finish up my work day (power outage brought down all the servers) and head for home. Only to find the car won’t start, and I’m stuck at the office. Just as I’m searching for the AAA card to call for help, I realize it wasn’t renewed. Bummer! Back in to search for help I go. I arrive home two hours late, hungry and tired but doing my best to help the kids with homework and general preparations for tomorrow. In the back of mind I keep thinking “I need answers, I need solutions, Oh I need Google!” A quick search assures me there are ways to get rid of a Black Cloud. One site suggests it's stress…sounds familiar. Another site suggests it’s my imagination, yeah right. Still another tells me to paint or do something creative. Good idea: I vow to make time for that this weekend! The last site I read suggests a chant or mantra. I’m thinking more along the lines of a cold beer, a hot bath, and a lot of prayers.

On my next post, I’ll report on bizarre events that happened through Day 10 of the Black Cloud Syndrome along with the remedy I finally found that worked for me. If any of you have experienced this malady recently, I’d love to hear about your experiences! Black Cloud Syndrome is to Life as Finals are to the Graduate: Inevitable.

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Liz Simpson May 13, 2011 at 06:15 AM
Great idea, Jennifer! I think I'll start a collection. I have one from the Olympics but need to pickup others.
margy nelson May 14, 2011 at 05:30 AM
Yes, I can relate to your "Black Cloud". I have that frequently and have yet to figure out how to deal with it. maybe life throws us these black clouds so that we can learn from them, and do the best we can. Who knows?
Liz Simpson May 14, 2011 at 02:37 PM
BCS visits can be grueling!! I like your attitude about learning from them. We weather the storms but they can definatley bring growing pains.
jamie monm May 23, 2013 at 01:12 PM
well lets see hubby had unexpected surgery that was diverticulitis that has now turned into a ostomy for 3 months than a reversal surgery than he loans his truck something I told him not to do but he did anyway well when we asked for truck back it was broke we had it towed to shop quote of 600 turned it 1900 because of “special" fly wheel lol than the day hubby going to work truck breaks down again 166 tow bill to shop to find out that 2200 more for whole transmission now hubby friend will pick him up for work well guess what he doesnt show 2nd morning I quickly jump up to take him to work and get pulled over 1 block from house because I forgot to put my seatbelt on lol I need to add not officers fault but my black cloud at work let me also add that my healthy 2 year cat is sick and I am about to take her back to the vet 2 time this week I am so scared to say what else I am at my limit here I am about to google that chant you mentioned in your post I will let you know how it goes
Liz Simpson May 28, 2013 at 05:21 AM
Jamie, You take the Golden Globe Award! You deserve the sunshine. I must say the those car repairs seem to be contagious and although I'm sure (?) the officer was just doing a job...the cops seem to be especially on top of things lately pulling folks over. Tonight...I'll say a special chant just for you!!


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