A Regular Website vs. A Lead Generating Website

Have you ever wondered if there is a difference between websites. Some look similar to yours but they seem to have more business. Well they may have something called a lead generating website.

So what does a Lead Generating website have that a standard website does not?

What is a Standard Website?

Now I am going to make blanket statements here, because most websites are setup this way. Most websites are online pamphlets and nothing more. Which in some instances is ok, if you have a good base already and you are just showcasing and marketing to your existing base. You wouldn’t have any plans for growth outside of that market or your marketing consists of sending people to your site via offline marketing.

With standard websites, you have your basics, which is all informational info. You don’t really ask anyone to buy or call or email, just merely being an online research tool. You probably built your website and had it in your mind “if I build it, they will come”. Only to be disappointed in the lack of traffic coming to your website and even more disappointed because you invested a lot of money into your site just to have it sit there.

I hate you burst your bubble, but you get what you pay for and you paid for a brochure. Unless you were sold on an SEO or marketing package that goes along with your brochure site, it will merely be a brochure. Have you ever walked into a chamber of commerce office and looked at the hundreds of brochures on their wall? Your website is that… Lost in a sea of other websites with no real way for people to get to your site. Then if they do end up there, they usually just look around and leave.

Lead Generating Website

A lead generating website is a standard website with a twist… The twist is that it has been setup with at least 1 call to action. 1 call to action can make the difference between 1,000 per month and 10,000 per month in income. Yes the difference is huge and you could be missing a ton of new business because your website is not setup correctly. Yes the difference is that huge! If you don’t have at least one strong call to action on your website, then I suggest you call your web designer today and have them add one. If you don’t have one that can help you or doesn’t know what it is, then head over to my website and message me.

You can have all your SEO in place and be getting 10,000 hits on your website every month, but if you don’t have a strong call to action on your website, then you will be missing out on a ton of potential business!

Which is better?

If you can’t answer that for your self at this point, well then you definitely need some help with your marketing. A lead generating website, when setup correctly should increase your sales by up to 35%! Not everyone that ends up on your site is a buyer, so that is why you end up with a 35% number. But who couldn’t use a 35% boost in sales?

Which brings me to my next question…

Is your website generating leads?

Are you looking at the amount of traffic coming to your website? Are you looking at where it is coming from? Are you looking at how many conversions you are getting? If you aren’t then you need to get on it! The first number you need to be shooting for on your website is a 5% conversion rate, so out of every 20 people on your site, you need to be capturing 1 of them as a buyer, caller or email address leaver. If you are there and stagnant, then you may want to hire someone to look at your site and see what you can change to get your numbers higher! Amazing numbers are 35 to 55% for conversions, so if you are there, then email me, because I want to bring you in on a webinar!

At the end of the day, it is about conversions on your website. So make sure you have a lead generating website in place so that your business is moving forward and is growing…

Thanks for your time and if you would like more info about the book then head over to our website and sign up for our email newsletter!

Side Note: Well I am finally on the tail end of writing a marketing book. Had a formatting issue getting it to Amazon, which I will be redoing this afternoon. I think formatting and setting the book up for Amazon has been more difficult than writing the book! What does this have to do with my blog title? Bear with me and you will see the train of thought. So the book is launching very very soon, which has had me thinking. I was thinking about something that I could offer at a huge discount that goes along with the book launch. So I came up with this amazing Lead Generating Website package at a huge discount in order to kick off all the talk about the upcoming book. As I setup the sales and info page for the discount, I thought about how some people may not know the difference between a regular website vs. a lead generating website. Now we have come full circle and you see why I am writing this blog post.

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