Mission Trip to Dominican Republic Looking for Support

Jordan Jones will be working with the country's extremely poor children.

Credit: GoFundMe.com
Credit: GoFundMe.com

Each Thursday in December, Patch is highlighting a local GoFundMe campaign in the area.

Today's focus is on the wishes of a young Suwanee woman to return on a mission trip to the Dominican Republic to work with kids.

From her fund-raising page:

"Hey everyone! I am going back to the Dominican Republic March 22-30 to help serve on a mission trip. We will be going to an extremely poor part of the country and doing whatever we can to help kids, specifically at a kid's orphanage. 

The cost of the trip (which includes airfare, meals, place to stay, etc.) is 1,900 dollars. 

I started this site to help cover some of the costs. This trip last year was one of the greatest weeks of my life and I cannot wait to get back and help make an impact!"

Check out her GoFundMe page for further information. 

Unlike other crowdfunding websites like Kickstarter, GoFundMe focuses more on helping people fund community or very personal goals. GoFundMe is a Patch partner.

Do you know a project in the area that deserves funding? Let us know in the comments, in a blog post, or head over to GoFundMe.com to start one.


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