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I believe in you.

I believe we should not be focused on surviving by ourselves, but instead be focused on thriving with others. I believe restoration leads to thriving. I believe those committed to thriving will benefit from a focused process to get there.

I believe this because I was surviving and now I am thriving. I believe in restoring others because I was restored. I want to lead you on the path because someone led me. I want to lead you so that you will lead others, that we will lead our world.

So the question is, are you thriving?

I believe you should be. A commitment to thriving means you know who you are, where you are going and how to get there. In order to help you thrive, I want to facilitate a journey, a story, where we will work together from the inside out and facilitate change in your life. This story educates, inspires and gives you a structured process to get you to thriving in your life, family, and work.

What Have Others Said About The Island Story?

“It is a refreshing and honest look at one's growth and a new way to interact with other great people on their own journeys in life. Not only have I benefited from being part of this story, I've made my wife part of it as well, and it has given us a lot of insight in our journey together. The Island Story has the potential to reach adults, companies, and the youth in a very special way. I look forward to seeing the future of this great new project.” -James

“I believe the Island Story provides a user friendly framework for an instructor led session where participants seek to explore a self-discovery of mission and purpose.  The tool is effective whether “self” is a person or an organizational entity.  The Island Story provide excellent set of metaphors, topics, and glossary of terms that enables a group to effectively communicate and explore abstract concepts such as mission, purpose, vision, values, and ethics.” -Scott

“When children play, their minds engage in a creative process where their imaginations unleash unlimited possibilities.  Utilizing an ingenious framework of metaphorical imagery and guided questions, The Island Story stimulates the imagination and overcomes hesitations and barriers to afford people of all ages and organizations the opportunity to “play” as they explore possibilities for anything from deciding their messaging and branding to setting their vision, mission, and goals to effectuating change.” - Valerie

I Believe you will thrive. If you want to grow, I know a way to accelerate that growth. This story, The Island Story, makes it easy to identify distractions & neglect, inspiring a clear picture of the steps you need to take in order to move closer to your destination.

What will you get from this event?

  • As part of the story, you will receive the blueprint to thriving.

  • Learn to steer a purpose-driven life or business

  • Identify and avoid distractions

  • Devise a formula for consistency

Come hear The Island Story and learn how you can thrive.


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