Code Orange Smog Alert Issed for Monday

The Clean Air Campaign has issued a Code Orange Smog Alert of 147 for Monday, July 2.

A Code Orange Smog Alert has been issued again by the Clean Air Campaign. The forecast for Monday, July 2, is 147.

Because of the predicted concentrations of ground-level ozone, the air quality in metro Atlanta is predicted to be "unhealthy for sensitive groups."

Children, people who are sensitive to ozone and people with heart or lung disease should limit prolonged outdoor exertion during the late afternoon or early evening when ozone levels are highest.

To help improve air quality, The Clean Air Campaign is asking people to look at alternatives to driving alone during the warmer months when air pollution is more likely to form. In metro Atlanta, half of all smog-forming emissions come from the tailpipes of cars, so keeping your car off the road on your way to and from work makes a positive impact. 

Visit The Clean Air Campaign to learn more about the metro Atlanta forecast, smog and your health.


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