Old Phones Off the Hook in Norcross Sculpture Exhibit

The city's latest art installation, 'TalkTalkTalk,' is a collection of whimsical sculptures made from AT&T telephones and their parts.

Do you remember a time without cell phones? Having a phone attached to a wall down the hall?

If you do, you'll be in a state of nostalgia Sunday, Jan. 13, at the ribbon cutting for "TalkTalkTalk."

The new outdoor exhibit, which is located in Heritage Park in Historic Downtown Norcross, is a collection of 15 whimsical and humorous sculptures made from old AT&T telephones and their parts, salvaged from a Cemetery Street home last year. 

"It's something to celebrate communication, to look back to a time when we used phones that were tethered to a wall," said Lori Sturgess, curator and creator of the exhibition and former Norcross Arts Center director. "That's something a whole generation of kids will never know."

After saving the phones with Sustainable Norcross, Sturgess made a proposal to the city for a grant to fund the project of using them for art. The city agreed, and she made it her mission to reach out to students in the area to help design the sculptures.

Read the full article on Norcross Patch.

Jean H January 14, 2013 at 02:10 PM
Very creative... My! How far technology in the telephone has come...


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